A journey with Savkar, looking for traces about the relationship between the city and the writer, between writing and estrangement.




Cities are us tells the fascinating and often neglected story of Turkish baths in the UK by exploring the importance and meaning of these facilities to current local communities and their reasons for fighting for their renovations.

The film explores why the baths were closed, why it was important for the community to keep it open and search for clues in others as to what makes us feel attached to buildings.

Although the community interest is the main focus, the film also touches upon the involvement and role of others in bringing back to life the Newcastle Baths as well as the innovative partnerships to keep the baths open.



Documentation of a number of multi-sensory workshops, rehearsals and a final participatory performance: Journey To the interior by Tereza Stehlikova.

Performance involving a feast, was  inspired by George Bellas Greenough, a geologist and a founder of the Geological society London as well as Jules Verne’s story the Journey to the Centre of the Earth. It took place on 21st May, 2017, in Kensal Green Cemetery and Dissenters Chapel.

It was conceived and realised by Tereza Stehlikova with the help of a dedicated team of creative people who met over the course of many months, developing the concept through a series of sensory workshops.

You can find more information and the final video on the link below:



Shot in West Coast of Turkey, this documentary explores the private beaches provided to veiled women. Following a character’s personal experience, it puts into question the problems these women face, who are searching for a place where they can swim freely and benefit from sunshine.

It is part of a research project series by Zeynep Merve Uygun and investigates the body-space relationship and the limits of representation.



Following interactions with a number taxi drivers- a popular job in the busy metropolitan of Istanbul, this documentary provides an insight to their hidden lives.