Folie à Deux Productions is a full-service creative video production company, offering services which encompass the whole filmmaking process, from pre to post-production as well as content distribution for a worldwide audience.

 Our services range from documentary production to promotional content; corporate, charity and events videos.

We start by conducting detailed analysis to understand the competitor landscape of our clients, and common perceptions in the field. We then provide thoughtful and bespoke solutions; tailored to the target audience, platform, and desired production style of each project.

To get the best results we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure video production services that meet their need. If you have a video project, get in touch.



We analyze our clients need and provide the best video solutions that promote their organization & srevices.

Clients include: CESC, High Fliers Research, Mind Mental Health Charity, Actingworks.



With our videography services, we cover live events & performances, edited into a final piece ready for online distribution.

Previous clients include: Roundhouse London, Royal Academy of Arts, Yunus Emre institute, Flying Fantastic, East End film Festival.



We like exploring challenging topics and social taboos and enable a conversation in the community while pushing the limits with regards to film as a medium.

See our portfolio for our latest documentary on Animal Sacrifice tradition.