Documentary Production

Documentary Production is the production of scripted or non-scripted documentary films that are based on facts, real people or history. A documentary film captures a real story and may feature archival footage, interviews or reenactment of real events. 

Like any other film or video, making a documentary starts with an idea. We can help you develop a script for your documentary or document the story as it is with no interruption. For latter, we primarily use the fly-on-the-wall technique and represent the story as real as possible.  

There are lots of different conventions around documentary filmmaking that we follow according to each project, but our main aim is to maintain the authentic representation of the subjects and allow the story to come together in an organic process throughout filming.

We work with nonprofits, businesses, organisations as well as individuals in making documentaries. Our team is comfortable travelling to and filming in multiple destinations and working with a range of different budgets.  

As Folie à Deux Productions, we also specialise in documentary production for ethnographic films, human stories and video journalism. We are committed to making impartial documentaries that are able to capture people’s stories and represent various points of views.

I have known Nevra Topcu since 2017 as the editor and camera person for my three short documentaries. Nevra is an imaginative and inspiring film-maker. She is very professional, highly educated, takes her work very seriously, prepared to go the extra mile, has a keen eye for detail with excellent communication skills. I look forward to working with her in future projects.
I collaborated with Nevra for my documentary film project ‘Vitamin D’ asa part of my research thesis. She was responsible for the cinematography of the film. She is a very supportive and creative person to have on the team
— Zeynep Merve Uygun | PHD Student -Transdisciplinary Documentary Film- University of Edinburgh