Tradition of sacrifice in Muslim community in Turkey dates back to prophet Abraham’s obedience in God’s demand to sacrifice his son Isaac. He passes God's test and proves his loyalty, so God sends him a ram to sacrifice instead. Since then, Muslim community celebrates this event by sacrificing animals during Sacrifice holiday where meat gets donated to the poor.

In Turkey, this tradition still continues. Differences between rural and metropolitan regions make us think about the animal industrialisation as a whole, whereas the custom itself invites us to question the very notion of devotion.

Cities are us ( Dir. Sule Nisancioglu)

This documentary tells the fascinating and often neglected story of Turkish baths in the UK by exploring the importance and meaning of these facilities to current local communities and their reasons for fighting for their renovations.

The film explores why the baths were closed, why it was important for the community to keep it open and search for clues in others as to what makes us feel attached to buildings.

Although the community interest is the main focus, the film also touches upon the involvement and role of others in bringing back to life the Newcastle Baths as well as the innovative partnerships to keep the baths open.

Stranger By The Sea

Short documentary directed by Sule Takmaz Nisancioglu. Camera and editing services provided by Folie A Deux Productions.

The film explores the relationship between writing and estrangement. It is based on interviews with Şavkar Altınel, a poet and writer born in Istanbul, now resident in Ramsgate and at home nowhere, in a bid to understand his world and identify the thoughts and emotions that prompt him to write. Altinel frequently maintains that the most important precondition for writing is looking at the world from without as a stranger. He regards travel as the experience most conducive to this and his writings are full of journeys which are simultaneously voyages of self-discovery, often with insights that apply to the reader as well as the author. Being a stranger is not untinged with sadness, but it isn’t an entirely negative state. It is after all the gateway to his creativity.

I have known Nevra Topcu since 2017 as the editor and camera person for my three short documentaries. Nevra is an imaginative and inspiring film-maker. She is very professional, highly educated, takes her work very seriously, prepared to go the extra mile, has a keen eye for detail with excellent communication skills. I look forward to working with her in future projects.
I collaborated with Nevra for my documentary film project ‘Vitamin D’ asa part of my research thesis. She was responsible for the cinematography of the film. She is a very supportive and creative person to have on the team
— Zeynep Merve Uygun | PHD Student -Transdisciplinary Documentary Film- University of Edinburgh