Corporate Video Production

The best way to communicate your company’s values, culture and vision is through a corporate video. Today, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. We create corporate videos that deliver your message to your customers or audience. Whether you need to promote your business, brand or product, we can provide an engaging corporate video content that will reach and resonate with your target audience.


Company Profile Video

Company videos are short videos that work as your business’ elevator pitch. You can count on your company profile video to clearly explain the who, what, why of your company. We work with you to create a company profile video that will showcase your unique selling point to prospects.


Recruitment Video Production

 A recruitment video will work as a magnet between your company and the right candidates. We create informative recruitment videos that represent your company’s vision and capture the overall value it can provide to the candidate. A recruitment video can be the key to attracting new talent, or help answer questions of new recruits.

Training Videos

 Training videos are educational and explanatory videos that should be easy to follow. We film training videos, whether it is for online learning or a product. We first understand the content of your training video or how your product works and we establish all the core messages you want to get across. We then structure the training video carefully, using either a step-by-step format or by dividing the training to different sections.


Interview Filming

 Interview filming is a specialist process where the focus is on a person’s story. Our years of experience in filming diverse groups of people allows us to put people at ease; creating an environment where they can be authentic. We film interviews for testimonial videos, recruitment videos, tutorial videos, training videos, and corporate events.


Crowdfunding Video Production

 Crowdfunding videos make it easier to reach a global audience and explain your cause, business, product or app in a simple, concise way. Crowdfunding projects that have a crowdfunding video are proven to raise more funds than those that don’t. When scripting your crowdfunding video, we work with you to understand the essence of your idea and use our creative storytelling skills to make an engaging and fun crowdfunding video.


Video Marketing Campaign

 Video marketing campaigns are one of the most popular marketing methods to convert views into sales and to establish your brand. By 2020, close to 1 million minutes of video is expected to be uploaded per second. By adhering to your marketing strategy, we can create goal-driven videos that will engage your target audience in any format for any platform.

Branded Content

Branded video content is a short-form or long-form film that subtly delivers your brand’s message. It is not a traditional advertisement video of your business, product or brand; but a creative, fun or thought-provoking video shot in a cinematic style to build brand awareness.

 Video is not the next big thing in marketing, it is the big thing right now. People are watching video more than ever and they expect to have an emotional experience, that’s why branded content is important to increase brand awareness. An increase in brand awareness through video content can result in more leads and sales.

We put our years of filmmaking and storytelling experience to your service and come up with ideas to reach your target audience. Our aim is to produce a visually powerful branded video that can tell an engaging story whilst reflecting your brand’s image. We always listen carefully to understand your marketing goals.

 Once we agree on an idea and budget, we work with a talented group of creative professionals who can make branded content work for you. At the stage of filming, we work without interrupting the course of your business, so you can relax and trust us to bring you value.