Music Video Production

A good music video matches the essence of a song. Every great hit song has a music video that compliments its mood. As Youtube is the most common free music listening platform, you definitely need a music video to share your talents with as many people as possible.

We work with many London-based musicians making music in different genres. No matter what genre your music is, we understand music very well and we can come up with ideas to capture the mood and the story behind your image. We enjoy working with other creatives and realising their vision for their song in a music video. As creatives ourselves, we are always committed to making a cinematic music video that will be visually captivating.

 London is a great city full of interesting locations. We can pitch you ideas to help you set the scene you have in your mind. If you want to play in your own music video, our directors make sure to help you connect with your audience. Before filming, we will discuss all the details regarding costumes, shooting locations, lighting and cinematography. We aim to work with you collaboratively to create something unique, just like your music.

I have found Nevra to be reliable, hardworking and trustworthy throughout our time working together and her quality of work is excellent. She has approached each new piece of work with enthusiasm, creativity and a good eye for detail and is a good team player, always open to feedback and providing us with helpful advice on the film making process both from a technical and creative perspective.
Timothy Sheehan | Communications and Events Officer Richmond Borough Mind