Folie à deux Productions is an internationally available company based in London, that provides a range of media production services with creativity and flexibility at it’s heart.

Company is launched by Nevra Topcu in 2016, inspired by the French term ‘Folie à deux’ that translates to English as madness shared by two.

Similar to the film experience where our personal histories meet others’, this concept is used to describe delusion, hallucination, being transmitted from one individual to the other due to their intimate association. The intersubjective experiences, desires and memories projected on screen, resonate with film-goers to create a mutual experience and understanding.


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Nevra Topcu is a dedicated film director and media producer; experienced in various platforms including short films, promotional video content for international organizations, as well as bespoke videos for independent creatives.

She has an extensive academic background in film production; after completing a foundation degree in Fine Arts at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, she went onto study Film and TV Production at University of Westminster, graduating both universities with distinction. In 2014, her graduation film Sex-Line was screened at BAFTA.

Continuing her studies with an MA in Film and Philosophy at Kings College, she explored cinema’s therapeutic capacity that engages the audience in a role-play where they can reflect on themselves through a shared cultural experience.

Adopting this approach at core of her philosophy, Nevra is particularly interested in exploring complexity of human mind and social interactions. In her work she challenges the audience by placing them on the borderline between fantasy and reality.