Our Story

Folie à Deux’s name comes from the French term for a psychological condition that describes a delusion transmitted from one individual to another because of their close connection. It translates to English as “a madness shared by two”.

Our founding philosophy is to bring people together through their shared “madness” in order to foster a better community with a deeper, more intrinsic understanding of their self.

 We believe film is just as powerful in connecting ideas and people to each other. Our mission is to create videos that empower people through this connection and make an impact on culture.

When we work with other businesses, we help them form a strong connection with their customers or target audience through video. We work best when we collaborate with our clients and let them be part of the creative process.

 We are interested in telling authentic human stories with an emotional value. We put people at the centre of our work and believe in representing all people, because we want people to be able to relate to each other’s experiences.