Based in London, we work with charities and corporate organizations in order to create powerful content.

 Our mission is to create stories that represent and empower people and make an impact upon culture. We are interested in authentic human stories with emotional value that will change perceptions. We believe in equality for all regardless of their gender, race, religion or abilities. 

 Folie à Deux Productions was launched by Nevra Topcu in 2016. Our name is inspired by the French term for a psychological condition which translates to English as “a madness shared by two”; The term is used to describe a delusion transmitted from one individual to the other due to their intimate association.

 The cinematic experience enables a platform through which the audience are able to project their personal histories, memories and desires on the screen, and connect with others through a shared delusion. 

 Folie à Deux Productions’s founding philosophy is to bring people together through their “madness” in order to foster a better community with a deeper, more intrinsic understanding of self.